Google Launches Three New Search Feature

This week, Google launched its flagship search site, including new penacarian features, informative extension of the Chrome browser, and catalog shopping application. According to his official blog, Google unveiled several improvements on the list sitelink or links.

These updates are focused on a list of links to more specific sites, so it can help users find short-cut or cut corners. That feature will be launched with all language versions in the Chrome browser, Firefox dams Internet Explorer 7.

The search engine giant also increase the maximum number of sitelink per query from 8 to 12. Sitelink will be made full-size link with the URL and one piece of text, which is similar to regular search results and make it easier for users to find the target of their search.

In addition, Google also introduced a new extension Chrome, Google Related and Google Toolbar, which allows users to automatically view interesting products while visiting a site sales. The application is available for free on the Chrome Web Store and Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Lastly, Google began offering Google Catalogs, a free new application for a tablet device that displays a digital version of the entire catalog of products for fashion, beauty, home, children, and gifts. The users can download the application via the App Store iPad. For the tablet version of Android will be released soon. (Xinhua / SHA)

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