Sun Will Closer to Earth?

For decades, the storm the sun seems increasingly disturbing aircraft and space, as presented by researchers from Reading University. Research published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters predicts a time the Sun will shift down and become closer to Earth.

Conditions that would lead to harmful radiation that reaches Earth. The research team said these last few moments the sun reaches the solar maximum, a period in which the tongue of fire and sunspots will reach its peak activity. This phase began in the 1920s and throughout the space age.

Professor of Reading University, Mike Lockwood, says all the evidence shows the Sun in the near future no longer reach the solar maximum and solar activity at the poles will actually decline. “The cycle peak of solar maximum occurs every 11 years, and the circle of sunspots are larger and reach the flames, and other activities more widely,” he said.

Increased radiation will cause problems in the aviation and communications technologies that did not exist when the circumference of the sun during solar maximumnya end. The study bases its findings on the evidence of the iceberg and tree trunks whose condition is similar with 10,000 tahuh ago.

“We use this data to argue that an unfavorable combination of conditions of the Sun will occur in the coming decades,” said Professor Lockwood told BBC Indonesia. The question is only about how the worst of the radiation and until when it will happen. (ADO)

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