This is an iPhone challenger from China

When the observer of the technology center to wait for a generation of Apple’s latest smart phone, Chinese mobile phone company announced a new product that is expected to shake the smart phone market. Xiaomi introduce Xiaomi Phone with better specs than the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2.

Founder Xiaomi Lei Jun said Xiaomi phone will be powered-powered dual-core processor 1.5 gigahertz. It’s faster than taking the iPhone 4 processor 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz dual-core processors that use the Samsung S2. As expected, Xiaomi use the Android operating system.

This smart phone will be sold online. Xiaomi forum members who touted around 500,000 users from around the world will become one of the targets. “Forty percent of our forum members are outside China,” said Lei Jun, told China Daily. Xiaomi says online orders opened at the end of this month for delivery in October.

To the highest specifications Xiaomi fix the price of U.S. $ 310 approximately half the price of the cheapest iPhone 4. But some analysts said the high specification and low prices is not a guarantee of success.

“The mobile phone market is very small upper class and their users are usually people who are in big cities,” said Kevin Wang, director of market research firm told China Daily. Wang adds pauses between August and October will be used other companies in China, such as ZTE, to throw their products. (ADO)

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