WordPress Powers 15% Of Websites, Makes Freelance Developers Millions of Dollars

The state of the union may not be looking so hot, but the State of the Word couldn’t be brighter. No, we’re not talking about “Sexting” being added to the Oxford English Dictionary; we’re talking about WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s annual State of the Word address. The blogging platform continues to dominate the Web, and hey – if you’re one of those un- or underemployed individuals who’ve been hit hard by the recession, you may want to consider becoming a WordPress developer.

Mullenweg reports that WordPress now powers 14.7 percent of the top million sites on the Web – a six percent increase over last year – and 22 percent of all new domains in the US run on the platform. Impressive numbers, sure, but we can already hear you asking “How’s that help me get that paper?”

You see, WordPress also conducted a user and developer survey, and over 18,000 people responded. Of those 18,000 respondents, over 6,800 people were self-employed WordPress developers responsible for the creation of 170,000-plus WordPress websites. That’s a lot of CMS ninja-ry. The better part? Those 6,800 freelancers charged an average hourly rate of $50. Mullenweg helpfully points out that if each site took 3 hours to create, that’s $29.5 million worth of work. With numbers like that, we may stop tuning in to the State of the Union and focus on the much more positive (and apparently job creating!) State of the Word.


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