Make Stop HP Smartphones & Tablet Computers

Computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP), recently, decided to stop in producing gadgets like smartphones and tablet computers. HP’s decision is predicted to get rid of his computer business is increasingly dominated by Apple in just four years.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker will now try to change the company as its competitors IBM Corp.. on the East Coast. Thus, he admits his company has failed to balance the demands of the consumer and corporate markets. As a result, they will reduce the majority of business customers, just as the IBM six years ago.

Today, Apple became the best consumer electronics company on the planet. IPhone debut in 2007, bringing ease of use and intuitive design that is unmatched by his predecessors, including the smartphone pioneer Palm purchased the HP last year with hopes of getting a foothold in the mobile device.

Then, following the success of Apple’s other computers iPad tablet released in 2010. Once again, they managed to persuade the world community to buy their products that never knows when they will need.

Amid the situation is locked in a futile battle with Apple, HP also finally decided to compete with other business technology specialist with IBM, Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc.

“Apple managed to kick themselves with their hands out of HP business PCs, smartphones and tablets,” said analysts at Gleacher & Co., Brian Marshall, in an interview. (AP / ADO)


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