Mass Effect 3, Female Character Contest

Bioware, the game developer studio, Mass Effect, completing the three-game series to the RPG genre is science fiction. In this third series, they want to get a female character to serve as a model on the cover of the game by holding contests and has entered the second half.

It can be seen from the facebook page Mass Effect 3 when they held a contest for female characters of the protagonist, Shepard.


Since mid-July 2011, page FB game featuring Shepard faces up to six options and then selected a design that is long haired. Mid-August, the contest was followed by choosing hair color characters that have previously been selected, ranging from black, blond, brown, to red.

Until Thursday (18/08/2011) night, the first option that is black color hair to get as many as 10,490 pieces thumb mark, as many as 4402 pieces blond, dark brown color as much as 4607, and most are red as much as 15,340.

The competition was conducted to get an idea of ​​female protagonists when later mounted to the box game. In the last two series, only the male protagonist is shown on the front cover when the player can actually choose to play as male or female in this game.

Players were also given the freedom to shape the protagonist’s face as they wish despite much criticism arises because the protagonist faces of women are considered less “pretty.”

Mass Effect is a game developed by Bioware and scheduled for release on March 6, 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The story revolves around Commander Shepard character is trying to save the galaxy from the invasion of creatures called Reapers by uniting species of other creatures to fight together. The game is run from a third person perspective, or from behind his back the protagonist.


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