Operating System Launched BlankOn Pattimura

The spirit of nationalism also creep into the neighborhood activists making the operating system. Pattimura version or version 7.0 operating system made country boy named Ubuntu, officially launched by the activists who joined in Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation, on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 10:00.

Dawn Rizqi Son, activist organizations UINBuntu, the Linux community partners affiliated Arek Malang

to YPLI explain it in Malang on Wednesday (08/17/2011).

Launch Pattimura, he says, is a further phase of major projects creating a free operating system used by the public at large in Indonesia, called Ubuntu.

This operating system is built in the ecosystem of open source code (open source) world of Linux that has been known. BlankOn has been increasingly refined in version 7.0 or Pattimura this, and designed entirely to user needs Indonesia. According to the Son, Blankon prepared collectively by the activists with each other way up, correct and improve and then collected online.

The activists have not even necessarily know each other, only meeting in the forum mailing lists. Each do his duty or his interest, and then continuously collects the results online, until finally Blankon formed, and repaired until the final version, he said.

Name of the work of the operating system users and Linux Indonesia patriot named blankon selected, from said blank and on. That is, from the beginning there was no or blank to be there or on. Blankon also be associated as a Javanese headdress, a symbol of honor, so Blankon could be called a way for the universe of communication and now has a national information and make the operating system itself.

Balnkon with Pattimuranya freely downloaded and used without paying un APAP. Even users can commercialize, create books, sell services blankon install without having to pay anything. N blank user is only asked to contribute via the forums that have been made.

Blankon 7.0 or Pattimura is interesting, because now even equipped script seven tribal regions in Indonesia, namely aks fig Bugis, Toba Batak, Balinese, Sundanese and Javanese Rejang and of course letters. Its been more complete with stardict dictionaries, web browser chromium 1.5, exail music player, photo album Shotwell and various other features.

The most important benefits of course remains the subject of legality. This means that computer users can eliminate the habit to put up illegal software, because Blankon available free of charge, said Son. Blankon appearance on the computer is no different than paying the operating system software that has been there.


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