RIM Launches BlackBerry Management Center for SMEs

Research In Motion, on Friday (19/08/2011) launched the BlackBerry Management Center – a free online service for small businesses to be able to focus the company setting-or employee-owners of BlackBerry smartphones on the cloud system and protect business content stored in the device.

This service is designed for businesses that have a BlackBerry smartphone to 100 units to access email services from an Internet service provider or web-based email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. “We are pleased to introduce the latest of RIM’s cloud service designed specifically for small businesses,” said Vice President, Enterprise Product Management Research In Motion, Alan Panezic, Friday afternoon, in a release received by Kompas.

BlackBerry Management Center make firm arrangements-or employee-owners of smartphones in the cloud system, and helps reduce the risk of lost or stolen device, so maintaining the continuity of business in the future.

Small businesses can use this service to: first, the BlackBerry smartphone backup automatically without wires either daily, weekly or monthly to help the recovery of loss of business-related content that is stored on the device. Second, to protect the content on the BlackBerry smartphone is lost or stolen employee with remote locking and if necessary remove any content that includes data storage on a microSD card.

Third, keep track of the BlackBerry smartphone is lost to lock it remotely, set the tone ringing loud and displays a message on the main screen, then easily restore the settings and content to new devices or replacement, and reset a password. BlackBerry Management Center today available at http://www.blackberry.com / managementcenter.


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