There’s no Time Machine Quick as Light

Browsing time with a machine made by scientists like in the movies did much to make it interesting to the researchers. Previous statement also says that time travel is possible can happen. However, researchers from Hong Kong proved and dismissed the statement.

As quoted from the scientific journal “Physical Review Letters’ in the United States, the scientists were able to prove the impossibility of time travel by comparing the speed of light. According to the research team from University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong, there is no substance whatever goes faster like the speed of light.

“Research shows that single photons obey the speed limit was c, confirms Einstein causality, ie that the effect can not occur before the cause was happening,” said the university’s research team at the site.

“By showing a single photon can not travel faster than the speed of light, our results bring closure to the debate on the speed of the actual information carried by single photons.” says Professor Du Shengwang, who led the study.

The debate over the possibility of time travel begins to be appointed since 10 years ago when scientists discovered an optical pulse in some specific media that may be able to disseminate information in a speed faster than the speed of light.

“Our findings are also likely to have potential application to give scientists a better picture on the transmission of quantum information,” said Du Shengwang. (JAY / Ulf)


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