Android phones “High End” Just Rp. 2.6 Million

Who can compete with China right now? In the manufacturing sector of the telecommunications industry today almost all the top brands based there. And, this country is not just a mere maker, but also to target a market, even “destroy” the market.

In Indonesia, the average selling price of the class supersmartphone Android phones are in the range of Rp 5 million. However, products made by Foxconn would overturn the selling price for mobile-phone high-tech classroom. Yes, a product called Xiao Mi Phone has been announced and will be released in the market on August 29 for preorder. Products Android-based phones will be sold for about Rp 2.6 million only!

You may not shocked. However, if you look at the specifications published by manufacturers who are already familiar with Apple Corp., it would not believe. These phones use the operating system Gingerbread. OS versions that have been used on mobile phones like Samsung or HTC Galaxy SII Sensation. Then, the processor has a computing speed of the highest grade to date mobile phone, the 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm-made, well supported by the graphics processor made ​​by Adreno. Reached 1 GB of RAM memory and 4 GB of ROM (plus a microSD which can fit up to 32 GB). From this alone makes goosebumps seasoned competitors.

So, weighing 149 grams this phone has 8 MP main camera. It is also equivalent to the Galaxy SII of the most talked about consumers. To support the “work” phone with a 4-inch diagonal screen size, it takes a battery with 1930 mAh capacity. This capacity is also greater than the HTC Sensation though.

We must wonder, how could Foxconn makes high end device so cheap? Lest the quality is far right with the product exists. While we wait for its products drop by Indonesia. New goods into the hands of the first buyers in October. (*)


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