Facebook Add Online Movie Rental Service

Facebook and Miramax Films worked together to provide rental service to watch movies online, called Miramax experience. A total of 20 films ready for rental. However, while only available in the United States. In the near future, 10 titles will be prepared to debut in the UK, Turkey, France, and Germany.

To rent this movie, the user must be dug up 30 credits, or about 3 U.S. dollars. Rental period is valid for 30 days but users only have 48 hours to complete the film that was screened. Exciting, not only the user can watch movies on your PC or notebook, but also can pass iPad and Google TV.

Miramax CEO Mike Lang reveals the reasons to choose up to these services instead of making his own on his website. “We want to fish where the fish are. We can create the Miramax of the most lucrative in the world and apart from our families, who will be there,” said Lang.

Lang also said, it still takes a long time to apply the movie streaming on other platforms. “Models of digital content is currently not working properly. This proposition is bad for consumers. Consumers do not know how to use and possess it. It’s not pleasant experience for consumers,” added Lang.

With the power of Facebook, Lang says that Miramax also want to provide social experiences for users. On Facebook, later, Miramax will make other services including games that could allow users to assign specific roles in the film with his friend.

From the title of the film, among the 20 titles that are ready in the United States, mostly a movie that is not available on other services. Only 7 can already streaming on Netflix. Here’s a list of movies that are already available:

1. Adventureland
2. Chicago
3. Clerks
4. Cold Mountain
5. Extract
6. From Dusk Till Dawn
7. Gangs of New York
8. Gone Baby Gone
9. Good Will Hunting
10. Jackie Brown
11. Kill Bill: Vol. 1
12. Kill Bill: Vol. 2
13. No Country for Old Men
14. Pulp Fiction
15. Shall We Dance (2004)
16. Sin City
17. Spy Kids
18. Swingers
19. The Switch
20. Trainspotting



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