Ironic, TouchPad Selling After The End history

Hewlett Packard (HP) held a massive sale to HP TouchPad, since Saturday (08/20/2011) after announcing it would mengehntikan production. HP TouchPad with 16 GB of memory sold for just 99 dollars or under $ 1 million and 32 GB with the price of 149 dollars or only Rp 1.35 million.

Not until the middle of the day, the available units sold, either through sales outlets BestBuy, Office Depot, Sears, Staples and Wallmart in the United States. Ludesnya product is reasonable. But, for HP products, ludesnya TouchPad products including events ironic. The reason, HP decided to discontinue production of these tablets. In fact, as reported previously, HP plans to stop all production of hardware including PCs, printers, and tablets, then focus on the software.

However, whatever it is, sale of this product definitely worth hunting for menguntunghkan consumers. For those who missed the moment on Saturday, there is still a crazy bargain TouchPad products which will be held in the near future. Some outlets will probably do the same.

For example on eBay and Amazon. Here, the price TouchPad not as cheap as in the previous sale but the range between 177-300 U.S. dollars only. Second on SlickDeals,, and Newegg. and Newegg still put up the normal price for the TouchPad, ranging from 399-535 U.S. dollars, but not impossible to directly memangkasa price. On, available email subscription notification from HP promises bargain wave of the second stage. Ironic indeed, TouchPad hard sell when history is almost finished.


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