Speedy Internet Access More Quickly

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) prepares Broadband service with a bandwidth of 100 Gbps to access overseas.

Readiness is at once put Telkom’s international bandwidth as the owner of the largest in Indonesia. “With the availability of internet access in a large capacity abroad, Speedy customers are now free to enjoy content from overseas,” said Telkom president director Rinaldi Firmansyah in Jakarta, Tuesday (08/23/2011) in a release.

Rinaldi adds, “increased international bandwidth capacity is very large it shows Telkom strives to always be in a state of ‘leading supply’ for Internet access out of the country, because it is able to demonstrate the quality of our service to customers in Indonesia”.

He said, now access to international content in the still dominant than access to local content so as to respond to the need for Internet access out country so great, Telkom has set up service with broadband services reached 100 Gbps of international bandwidth on the Speedy service or the biggest bandwidth owned by internet service providers in Indonesia.

Rinaldi adds, as the rapid growth of Internet service needs in Indonesia, of course, also requires the preparation of infrastructure that can meet the development of those needs. “It is also to offset the rapid growth of Speedy customers who now has 2.1 million subscribers, an increase of more than 400,000 subscribers compared to end of 2010,” said Rinaldi.

“The rapid increase in customers Speedy becomes its own challenge and an opportunity for Telkom to be always ready with the infrastructure that support those needs,” said Rinaldi.

According to him, the availability of internet access in major overseas capacity will ensure speedy customer convenience in terms of quality and speed when accessing various content from around the world.

Also added Rinaldi, Telkom has also increased the capacity of Broadband Remote Access Server / Bras at several locations (Jakarta, West Java, Batam, Semarang, Medan and Pontianak) to increase the speed of Speedy Access customers in anticipation of a number of customers of Speedy.

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