Google TV release in Europe Next Year

California: Internet advertising company Google Incs. will release a television channel in Europe, next year. A leader Google, Eric Schmidt, recently said the launch of Google TV will be the answer for other internet developers, who doubted the power of Google.

Google TV, which allows viewers to mix Web and television content on a TV screen through the browser, was launched in the United States, a few months ago. However, three broadcasting companies in the U.S. blocked it.

Therefore, Google’s ads have been regarded as stealing without contributing to the cost of the program. “Some in the U.S. are concerned that we aim to compete with the broadcaster or content creator. Actually, our intention is the opposite,” says Eric Schmidt in the UK, recently.

Schmidt also said the UK would be a priority Goggle TV, although the broadcasting rights in Britain is much more stringent than in the land of Uncle Sam.

“We expect Google TV to launch in Europe early next year, and of course Britain will be one priority,” said Eric Schmidt. (ASW / ANS / Reuters)

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