NASA Ready to Launch Mission to Moon

Washington DC: United States Space Agency or NASA announced plans to launch twin spacecraft to the moon which is scheduled on 8 September in Cape Canaveral, Florida. So proclaimed pages Xinhua on Friday (26 / 8).

Space agency has entered the final stages of preparing the spacecraft for the twins, GRAIL A and B. The plan, the twin plane will be launched during the nine months to orbit the moon.

Twin GRAIL spacecraft aims to explore Earth’s nearest neighbor in detail, and analyze the interior structure of the moon. Starting from crust to core months, so it can provide more detailed explanation of the thermal evolution of the earth’s satellite.

GRAIL A is expected to fly a circuitous route, toward the moon’s orbit about 4.2 million kilometers for 3.5 months. While GRAIL-B will travel a distance of 4.3 million kilometers to orbit the moon.

In lunar orbit, the spacecraft will transmit radio signals. It aims at defining a second distance GRAIL. Meanwhile, differences in gravity on the moon is expected to expand and increase aircraft range.

Accurate measurements by scientists creator of GRAIL aims to determine the gravitational field of the moon. Thus it be known what really happened on the natural satellite. (ANS / Xinhua)


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