Wow, There is a Planet Made of Diamonds

British Astronomers believe they have discovered a planet whose entire contents are made of diamonds. As preached Dailymail, Friday (26 / 8), several scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, believe they have discovered a huge star in the Milky Way. The star was later turned into a small planet made ​​of diamonds.

International team of researchers first detected an unusual star called a pulsar. Pulsar is a rotating star is smaller in diameter of ten miles, equal to the size of a small town, which emit radio waves.

When further investigated by using a telescope based on an observatory in Cheshire, England, they found that the pulsar has a gravitational pull of planets orbiting around it.

The density of the planet contains a crystal, which is most likely similar to a diamond star. The planet was called pulsar, PSR J1719, and dubbed the 1438.

Planets that are part of the Milky Way and is located 4000 light-years away in the constellation Serpens, the Snake. Despite its small size, the planet has a mass of little more than Jupiter.

Dr. Michael Keith, one of the researchers, said the remnants of the new planet that may contain mostly carbon and oxygen, because the stars are made ​​of lighter elements like hydrogen and helium would be too big to orbit around it. (ANS)

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