Alienware M18x review: It’s massive

While 17-inch desktop replacement laptops with decent gaming performance are easy to find, if not exactly common, to truly move into the realm of mobile home entertainment center, there’s nothing like an even-larger 18-inch screen. We’ve recently seen both 18-inch multimedia laptops (the Acer Ethos 8951) and 17-inch hard-core gaming laptops (the Origin EON17-S), but the new Alienware M18x combines the best of both worlds into a powerhouse 18-incher with the muscle for serious gaming.

Of course, that kind of hybrid doesn’t come cheap, and the M18x starts at $1,999, while our tricked-out review unit added up to $5,071. For that you get a quad-core Intel Core i7-2920XM CPU, dual Nvidia GTX 580M GPUs, and an impressive 16GB of RAM.


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